Saturday 30 May 2020
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dominicantoday - 7 days ago

What are the most threatened species in the Dominican Republic?

Santo Domingo The global prayer that motivates the celebration of Biodiversity Day today is a call to stop the loss of biological diversity, that is, the variety of species of plants, animals, and microorganisms that inhabit the planet in its various ecosystems. Why is this biological variety important? For the United Nations, biological resources are the pillars that sustain civilizations.  For example? Fish provide 20% of animal protein to some 3 billion people. More than 80% of the human diet is made up of plants. Approximately 80% of people living in rural areas of developing countries depend on traditional plant-based medicines for basic health care, says the agency. However, an estimated one million animal and plant species are currently endangered. FLORA IN DANGER In the DR, for 2011, the List of Endangered, Threatened or [ ]

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